Drag events

Kernel events

You can listen Gridifier object for various drag events after initialization:

Syntax: grid.onDragEventName(handlerFn)
add handler per 'DragEventName' kernel event

You can add as many handlers as you need per each event.

Full drag events list

This section contains all events, that are emitted by Gridifier during item drags.

onDragEnd = function(sortedItems)

var grid = new Gridifier(demoGrid, settings);
grid.onDragEnd(function(sortedItems) {
    // This event is emitted after grid reposition end on drags.
    // Items are sorted in new order.
when onDragEnd event is scheduled to emit?

// 1. On any grid item center intersection by draggable item.(with dragifierMode = "i")
// 2. On any new grid cell intersection by draggable item.(with dragifierMode = "d")
when onDragEnd event is emitted by kernel?

// After all grid items reposition end after drags.
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